The Hatching Ground

This is where I account for my digital work in progress and track my working hours. Potentially the Hatching Ground would become the inventory of my digital assets.

On-going projects include:

Spook The Astronauts  




Modeling + Texture + Rigging:
3 astronauts
Estimated 8 hours

Motion capture with Rokoko
2 actors
Estimated 3 hours

First trail application of mocap data on Unity character
Estimated 3 hours


Reconfiguration from previous model
2019Nov29 : 5 hours

Parsing the space partition
2019Nov30 : 4 hours
Note to self : When combining the basic modules to create templates, be sure to check for overlapping vertext. If any exists, merging them at this stage will save a lot of trouble later.

Prototype finished
2019Dec1 : 5 hours

Detailling Landing Pod
2019Dec7 : 8 hours
2019Dec8 : 10 hours

Change in Landing Pod caused overall structural re-adjustment
2019Dec9 : 5 hours

Detailing near-launcher area
Detailing Inter-chamber partition 
2019Dec : lost count
2020Jan13 : 7 hours

Perfect Melon 

Platform movement re-prototyping

2020/03/30 : 13 hours
  1. Procedurally generated basic terrain prefabs.
  2. Platform backward and forward movement.

Infinite Runner in Unity - PLATFORM GENERATOR

Making an Infinite Terrain with Unity 5


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