Site-specific installation at the School of Visual Arts
335 W 16th St, New York, NY 1001

SUSPENSION was setup in a frieght elevator in the BFA Fine Arts Department building of SVA.

The entire installation consists of a ceramic head that is hung by the rubber strings, a self-feeding real time projection and a door board. The self-feeding real time projection is run with a camera that records the image of the head and partial of its surrounding. Meanwhile, the image that is captured is transferred via cable to the projector behind the door board and projected onto the surface.

This installation is inspired by a period of time in which I discovered that my cellphone, as well as my mother's, had been hacked by my father during their divorce. All of my communications were exposed under his supervision. This paranoiac act troubled me, yet made me curious, as well, since the occurrence of surveillance practices within domestic contexts seemed novel to me.

The physical state of suspension is a metaphor of the unsettling silence that awaits the point at which all possibilities collapse into a final downfall. While the self-feeding projection exposes the supposedly transparent surveillance, it is full of limitations, for it only focuses on the scope within its capability.

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