Perfect Melon ( 2018- current ) :
VR multisensorial Performance.
Keywords: Taste Display, Commercial Psychology, Picturesque, Synthetic Nature, Crystal Palace.


Bunker ( 2016- 2018 ) :
VR installation on Cold War architectures and modernity’s paradox.
Keywords: Architectural Modernity, Paradox, Cold War.

Interplanetary Soul ( Yo Love’s Got Me ) ( 2018 ) :
Collaboration with Chicago Funkadelic Musician Andre Gibson.
Keywords: Psychedelic, Funk, Chicago Stepper Groove, Hall Music.


The Journey of Robespierre’s Head ( 2017 ) :
Unfinished PC game of the time travel after Maximilien Robespierre was behaded in July 28, 1794.Keywords: French Revolution, Guillotine, Maximilien Robespierre, Hegel, Saint Anthoy’s Fire.

Swimming Lessons ( 2017 ) :
Animation made in the VR experience of Swim to protest my frustration with Unity’s navigation agent and the pre-screening angst.Keywords: Swimming, VR, Clown, Pin screen, Dmitri Shostakovich


My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? ( 2016 ) :
Time-based installation on familial obligation.
Keywords: Water, Torture, Time, Familial obligation.

Work It ( 2016 ) :
Hourly performance on artistic labor and the futility of studio practice. Keywords: Printer, Neon, Photo-copy machine, punching card,

Hallway ( 2016 ) :
First Unity project of a surrealist dreamscape.
Keywords: Bunkbed, Hallway, Dream, Corpse.

Journey Under the Midnight Sun ( 2016 ):
Video of an exhausting walk.


Red Oil Wonton ( 2015 ) :
Serial glitch prints and installation on food and lingual translation. Currently showing at the Fixity Equals Death exhibtion as a part of The Wrong Biennale.
Keywords: Food, Language, Translation, Cross-cultrual, International.

Warden/ Prisoner ( 2015 ) :
Video installation and architectural study on prison.
Keywords: Prison, Panopticon, Subject-object.

Morse Code Painting series ( 2015 ) :
Abstract oil painting embeded with morse code messages.
Keywords: Abstraction, Abstract Expressionism, Morse Code.

Hell Screen ( 2015 ) :
Neon light Installation prototype inspired by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa‘s short story, Hell Screen ( a.k.a 地獄変 Jigokuhen ) .Keywords: Neon, Screen, Sacrificial, Detachment, Artist, Burning, Ox car.

Unknown ( 2015 ) :
Video experiement.
Keywords: Scopic Regime, Sacrificial, Cognition


SUSPENSION ( 2014 ) :
Mixed media installation on surveillance in the domestic environment.
Keywords: Surveilance, Domestic relationship.

Debate Before the Noose ( 2014 ) :
Oil painting on the denial of death.
Keywords: Death, Cognitive Dissonance, Clown.

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